Custom We The People

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New Engraved OTF .One of 50 series…. This is an excellent quality OTF. Built from high quality materials. I buff the internal parts for an ultra smooth working action. I have a heavy duty spring cut here in Oklahoma city from quality stainless steel. oOher OTF knives you see for sale are not the same quality and do not have this process done. My knife will give you years of performance! You will not find another auto of this quality for the price. They work as well as the name brand knives for half the price. I will guarantee you will be impressed or your money back. I offer lifetime warranty on my autos…Ive been building knives over 8 years and am not going anywhere. Perfect smooth action opens in and out as fast as you can push the button. 9″ overall with 3.9 inch blade. Great handle for a superior grip in any weather. Money back guarantee. Shipping may be delayed 3-4 days due to I build and test each one of these..


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