Steel River Knives brand was created out of the demand for a heavy duty tactical auto knife that the working man could afford. I started this project for my own reasons of wanting an awesome auto knife but not wanting to dish out $400+ of my hard earned money. I’ve collected and worked on auto knives since I was 12 years old. I found my first automatic knife in my older brothers top drawer and was in love. It was not working right so I took it( without permission) and took it apart and fixed it. This led to a life time of collecting autos of all kinds and always wanting more. I’m still fascinated with how automatic knives work and the beauty of one opening with the swish of steel! so that is a little about me and why I’m bringing you a great quality knife with a lifetime warranty. I will take care of your knife for a long as you own it.

The heart of an auto knife

The spring is the heart of the auto knife. This is what makes it strong and push the blade out in a reliable fashion. I wanted the best spring possible so I found a spring expert here in Oklahoma City. I took the knife to the owner of the spring shop and we discussed what would be best. He uses the best spring stainless steel and tempers them for strength. This spring far exceeds any spring Ive seen on the market and comes with lifetime warranty also.

My Pledge

I build and test each one of my knives and I promise to deliver a well built great quality auto knife backed by my lifetime warranty!

Shipping and delivery

As all knives are hand built and tested shipping is currently 2-3 days. We strive to complete orders as fast as possible.

Share the Wealth

These are Great knives to add to your Retail store! I’m a small business owner and I know I am always looking for products that sell well and make money! Wholesale orders are gladly accepted. Please see wholesale page for details.

Warranty work

Please fill out the warranty form for any warranty work


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